Most intimidating fans in hockey

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But rink rats will find that six particular hockey barns — one from each state — make an All-Star lineup.Alfond Arena University of Maine, Orono The university’s fight song urges fans to “shout till the rafters ring,’’ and the boisterous supporters who fill the den of the Black Bears eagerly fulfill the request.Louis Blues for the most playoff appearances out of all expansion teams (38 out of 49 seasons).The Flyers have played their home games on Broad Street since their inception, first at the Spectrum from 1967 until 1996, and then at the Wells Fargo Center from 1996 to the present.They have also waged lengthy campaigns against the New York Islanders in the 70s and 80s, the Boston Bruins, a bruising battle especially in the 1970s, the Washington Capitals, which has always been intense since their days in the Patrick Division, as well as the New Jersey Devils, with whom they traded the Atlantic Division title every season between 1994––07, and finally they enjoy a spirited rivalry with their cross-state brethren, the Pittsburgh Penguins, which is considered to be the best rivalry in the league.Every player in the NFL has talent, but who are the guys that truly strike fear in their opponents? Troy Polamalu: The Head & Shoulders commercials hurt his stock a bit, but he’s still the hardest hitting defensive back in the NFL. Brian Urlacher: He hasn’t aged quite as gracefully as Ray Lewis, but his intensity hasn’t wavered.The guy keeps to himself, and has muscles that make Hulk Hogan’s facial hair curl. Ray Lewis: This may seem like an early entrance in a ranking partially based on intensity, but make no mistake, Lewis should be regarded as an on-field terror until his heart stops beating. Regardless, Suh is already one of the most dominant interior linemen in the history of the league. James Harrison: Helping finance the NFL since 2004, Harrison has been the subject of multiple fines for illegal hits.

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With near constant, high speed action, no place to go out of bounds and stop a play, and a rule that actually allows players to fist fight, it is one of the most exciting sports to watch.

The fighting rule, while still controversial, is often argued that is makes the game SAFER! Some make skating and scoring look damn near poetic!