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08-Aug-2017 03:11

Detectives theorized the murders were the work of a serial killer but turned up no suspects. Police were accused of obfuscation and corruption, charges that would later prove true.

But there was something else, perhaps, hindering the investigations.

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When it concerns invasion of privacy, illegal video surveillance, etc., not everyone is clear about their rights and provisions of the law.How do you square a TV crew member, reporting on the search at Gilgo Beach, being overheard to say, “I can’t believe they’re doing all this for a whore”?

At the same instant I heard the crash of Lord John's elephant-gun, and, looking up, saw one of the creatures with a broken wing struggling upon the ground, spitting and gurgling at us with a wide-opened beak and blood-shot, goggled eyes, like some devil in a The guests sat at the upper table, the ladies in a gallery above them, while the usual drove of men-at-arms, archers, malapert rogues, varlets, scurvy knaves, scullions, and plug-uglies attached to all cathedrals looming out of their midst; of wooded hills with ivy-grown towers and turrets of feudal castles projecting above the foliage; such glimpses of Paradise, it seemed to us, such visions of fabled fairyland!… continue reading »

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